Advertising creative thatconnects with your target audience

Creativity is the basis of the advertising we do in Mínima and we accompany it with the search for effectiveness.

Effective, memorable campaigns that impact the income statement through the improvement of brand positioning, increased web traffic, generation of business opportunities, etc.

Data-driven advertising, data that becomes results

Creative ideas accompanied by extraordinary graphic design make it easy to remember.

At Bi-Centennial Americans In Marketing, we know that receiving mass mailings and advertisements that do not interest is anti-advertising. Humanity did not reach the moon more than 50 years ago so that we continue to sell products shouting and without segmenting.

Relevant messages, in related media, with an adequate economic investment and a distinctive format. It is not a magic formula, but it does minimize the risk.

We speak as your audience speaks, we are where your audience is and we measure every step

More is not always more

Segmenting according to interests, age, geolocation, etc. allows you to optimize dissemination budgets, with minimal dispersion and maximum efficiency.

Analyzing is key. Before launching a message to the entire universe, let’s find out who buys you, where it buys you and above all why it buys you. Motivation is the decisive factor for effective communication.

An advertising campaign requires the definition of the tone of communication and a coherent graphic style.

As a multidisciplinary creative agency we move well in different registers: solemnity of certain themes, humor that helps dissolve advertising barriers, youth style for younger targets, etc.

And in addition, we know how to transfer the messages to each medium: digital marketing banners, billboards and exterior, advertising spots, radio spots, programmatic advertising, etc.