What is Google Ads and What are its Benefits?

Oct 31, 2022 Uncategorized

Understanding what Google Ads is will allow you to get the most out of this digital advertising tool.

It could be defined as Google’s ad platform. This tool allows you to create paid ads to appear in the most used search engine in the world.

Type of advertising campaigns that can be developed from Google Ads:

  • Search campaigns: Their most common format is text ads and they are placed on the results pages linked to specific searches. Being related to specific terms, they usually yield good conversion results.
  • Display campaigns: These are ads whose most common format is the image. They are displayed in environments outside Google, on third-party websites or applications that your target audience visits.
  • Video campaigns: these are made up of video ads whose length ranges between 6 and 15 seconds, and are shown before or during YouTube content.

These are the most common typologies. However, there are other types of campaigns considered advanced such as app campaigns, to give visibility to your application and get downloads.

Among the benefits of Google Ads is its ability to accompany you in the creation of campaigns with various objectives. You can create ad groups oriented to the sale, others to the generation of traffic to your website or even options to give notoriety to your brand.

That the tool is able to understand your objective, will help you during the configuration of the campaign to achieve maximum performance.

It is not the same to look for traffic than conversion and will not require the same effort, nor the same investment.

Another of the most significant sales of Google Ads is that it allows a very advanced segmentation of potential customers. You can determine age range, where your ad is shown (from a radius around your store to a region or country).

In addition, this tool applies artificial intelligence to your Google campaign. That is, it accumulates the information received about whether the audience reaches the landing page, which are the most searched keywords and with which they interact the most, etc. It will accumulate metrics and behaviors and turn it into insights to help you further optimize your investment. In this way, the cost per click will be significantly reduced while the results grow.

Google Ads is part of Google’s tools for businesses and organizations, so it works very well by integrating with other complementary solutions such as Analytics or Tag Manager. That is, using combinations of Google tools you will obtain valuable and coordinated information. Heat maps of visits to your website or your landing pages, information on how pay-per-click works, metrics on objectives achieved or KPI’s, etc.

With this content we have tried to explain what Google Ads is and how it works. Our recommendation in the launch of your first campaign is that you have a professional profile with extensive experience in advertising investments, in this way you can nourish yourself with their knowledge and see first-hand how an appropriate strategy is built.

Remember that not all products or services have the same response in digital investments, and it is necessary to know how to make changes and adjustments when the results are not as expected.