The Keys to Improving Your Brand Positioning

Oct 31, 2022 Uncategorized

If your brand positioning worries you, it is not necessary to remind you that more than 80% of people who make a thoughtful purchase make inquiries on the internet.

Appearing in a good position in the main online search engines has a direct impact on the volume of business opportunities that your brand will have.

How to Improve Your Brand Positioning

Therefore, we bring you a synthesis of the keys that will help you improve your online brand positioning:

  • Use a suitable domain
  • Work on keywords
  • Work on long-tail keywords
  • Create interesting content
  • Optimize your website
  • Establish links that benefit you

Use a suitable domain

Maybe you haven’t stopped to think about the domain you use today. The domains .com respond to a global positioning, but if your market is Spanish it is more interesting that you work with the .es as your main domain.

Include a keyword in your domain, so it will be easier to position linked to this word. For example, if you have a tourism experience agency you can include terms such as travel, tourism or similar.

Work on keywords

Perform an analysis of frequent searches linked to your product or service to try to position with the main keywords. Make a realistic selection, choose main keywords with a high volume of searches but with a moderate difficulty.

Tools like Semrush will help you establish the list of keywords to attack and the volume of text needed to achieve results.

If your sales are local, regional, or spatially delimited in some way, think about including those locations in your main keywords. It is common for them to be less competitive keywords than the more general ones.

Work on long-tail keywords

It also attacks long-tail keywords, they will have fewer searches but you can more easily access the top positions or even position 0. The more first positions and positions 0 you reach, the more Google will reward you, and therefore, the easier it will be for you to access first positions in main keywords.

Long-tail keywords are ideal for generating content on a blog, with a more explanatory character.

Create interesting content

Create content that is interesting to your target audience. Approach content from the perspective of your potential customers’ needs, motivations, and concerns.

Talking about your product is important, but you will only be able to capture the attention of your audience if you deal with topics that are relevant to them.

Focus on the topics demanded by the public. Maintaining a less egocentric perspective will make you establish relationships of trust with your potential customers, responding just to what they need.

Optimize your website to improve your brand positioning

Your website is a technological tool that requires maintenance. Optimize it to perform at its best. It is important that the loading speed is reduced, that the texts are indexed by search engines such as Google, that the web map is well worked, that the URLs are clean and linked to the keywords, that the images are optimized for digital visualization …

A website with good health facilitates a good positioning in search engines.

To these recommendations add that you have the security certificate activated, that the data obtained in the forms are concentrated in a database, etc.

In addition, it is important that your website is connected to tools that offer metrics of visits, conversions, session times, etc. The control will help you know if your website is working properly.

Technical and organic optimization is another way to improve your digital positioning.

Establish links that benefit your brand positioning

That other pages with a good positioning create links to your page has a positive impact on your domain authority and your visualization in search engines.

These links that point to your domain from other quality websites are called backlinks, and the more you get for your website, the better.

Put into practice these keys to improve your brand positioning on the internet, remember that the results require time to see. Well, search engines need to index the modified content.