Space Design

Brand spaces.

Corporate spaces, promotional spaces, brand environments are part of the user experience. In Bi-Centennial Americans In Marketing, we offer services of conceptualization, design and production of spaces that reflect the philosophy and identity of the brand, and throw a coordinated and coherent discourse.

We design the space your brand deserves

Conceptualization of Spaces.

We bring the concept, philosophy and tone of the brand to any type of space. We define shapes, volumes, chromatic ranges, transit areas, meeting spaces… We add corporate narrative to spatial interpretations.


We develop customized signage systems. We help the construction of orientation maps, flow and transit schemes of people, internal and external signage.

Interior Design Projects.

Interior design should be conceived as another expression of branding or brand identity. In Mínima we offer interior design services for offices, hotels, public institutions, commercial premises …

Ephemeral architecture.

We create temporary spaces that seek maximum impact and comfort. We can generate ephemeral architecture projects that can be modulated and scalable, with the ability to stand out in exhibitions, fairs and meetings.


Stands for fairs, commercial stands, stands at point of sale… Whatever the objective of your action, we can develop a multifunctional stand.